Jazz Steps Band is firmly in the straight-ahead, swing mode and it well along the way to establishing an individual style and identity.

Joe Muranyi clarinet– Louis Armstrong Band

The accomplished musicians deliver the music with confidence and they swing as hard as any sextet you’ll hear anywhere in the world. I am proud and delighted to have been involved with this fine “Side By Side” recording with my musical friends, the Jazz Steps Band, from Budapest.

                                                         Leroy Jones-trumpet, New Orleans

At the turn of the Millennium Zoltán Finok set up his traditional jazz band, Jazz Steps Band playing swing, traditional style jazz. His aim was to revive the popular compositions of the golden age of jazz from the ’30s and ’40s adding their individual style with the highest artistic demands.
Since 2000 Jazz Steps Band has given a great number of successful concerts both in Hungary and all over Europe. The band’s popularity is largly due to the great variety of songs, styles and original arrangements they do and also to their exceptionally lively performances.

Each member of the band is a professional musician with qualifications both in classical and jazz music.

  • István Lázár: trumpet/voice/art leader
  • Zoltán Finok: tenor saxophone/clarinet
  • Zsolt Bera: trombone
  • Balázs Lázár: guitar
  • Péter Czakó: contra bass
  • Zoltán Horváth: drums