Budapest Swing


Jazz Steps Band members got together as a band aiming to keep their favourite arranged 30s and 40s swing jazz alive. The repertoire has been drawn mainly from examples of swing arrangements and partly from the songs of Dixieland. Jazz Steps Band also playes Louis Prima songs. István Lázár is not only an excellent trumpet player but a very good singer and showman. To prey on his talent this programme which consists Louis Prima's many well known and liked songs evolved.

The Band intends to revive and keep alive the feelings, melodies, rhythm, variety and happiness of traditional jazz. The aim is to make Jazz an enjoyable and uplifting feeling that will reach as many people as possible.

Jazz Steps players are professional musicians with 15 to 20 years of jazz and classical experience. Since the establishment in 2000 Jazz Steps have given several successful concerts both at Hungarian and European jazz festivals. The band's popularity is largely due to the great variety of the songs, styles and original arrangements they play, and also, to their exceptionally lively and youthful performance.


Leroy Jones

"The accomplished musicians deliver the music with confidence and they swing as hard as any sextet you'll hear anywhere in the world. I am proud and delighted to have been involved with this fine "Side By Side" recording with my musical friends, the Jazz Steps Bandfrom Budapest."

Joe Muranyi

"Jazz Steps Band is firmly in the straight-ahead, swing mode and it well along the way to establishing an individual style and identity."


Janice Harrington

"A piece of cake!! That is a typical American expression when it's sweet and smooth, my exact feelings for the Jazz Steps. We met in the morning of August 26th for a short 2 hour rehearsal and by show time at 7:30 PM we stepped on stage and never looked back. It was a Piece of Cake!! Not only are the Jazz Steps excellent players but also lovely people, Gentlemen it was a pleasure."